diy Ikea hack flush mount light

My first attempt with this diy project

I’ve been wanting to replace several “boob lights” around the house for the longest time but wanted to do it on a budget and didn’t really know what I wanted to get. Cue Ikea hacks on Pinterest. I was browsing to find some inspiration and stumbled upon a diy project by Kelly Boyd Design. So, I can’t take credit for this project except to show how I went about it. There was a lot of guess work during this process.

I was sold on this Ikea Lysbo light which happens to be $5.99! (It is plastic so I wouldn’t want to pay much more than that. Just saying…) I bought four of them with the idea that I could try a few different diy projects to change things up around the house. I replaced two boob lights on the main floor in close-ish proximity to each other so I decided make them identical à la Jonathan Adler-inspired flush mount light.

Here is what you will need for this project:

  • a glue gun
  • black ribbon. I used a 2.5cm ribbed ribbon to minimized fraying ends.
  • a steel nut to glue to the bottom for added embellishment. I used the 1\2 inch size.
  • drywall putty
  • fine grit sandpaper
  • brass or gold spray paint

To start, lay out the two side pieces for the light fixture and measure out sections of ribbon that will cover each curve. It’s easier to cut individual pieces than to try and use one large piece for the entire fixture.

Next, glue one section of ribbon onto each curve. Glue half onto the inside of the curve. Then, flip the fixture over and glue the ribbon onto the outside. Try not to lay the glue on thick to avoid bumps.

*I started out with little dots of glue, but then applied a thin line instead for a smoother finish.

Once you have glued the ribbon around the top and bottom of the light shade, trim the edges to line up with the actual shade. If you have any extra hanging over, it will bunch up when you try to attach the shade to the base of the light.

The next step is to add a little extra with the stainless steel nut. Of course, I didn’t take any photos of the process. I took the drywall putty and filled the inside of the nut. After letting it dry completely, I sanded it down to create a smooth surface. Then, I painted it with brass spray paint. Next, I used my hot glue gun to attach it to the center of the bottom “flower” part of the light fixture.

Here’s a closer look at the finished product. Thanks for reading!

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