Camping Hammock


Happy Thanksgiving! We spent the weekend at our family ski chalet, hiking (a little bit), eating, drinking, and, of course relaxing. It was perfect.

I was invited by Pouch Couch to try out their camping hammock, so I decided to pack it up and bring along with me to test it out. Here’s my review of the product.

The camping hammock arrived at my door quickly, about three business days. It was packed up snuggly in a little bag attached to the hammock itself. It also came with two long straps to hang the hammock. It’s made from a very lightweight nylon and is definitely wide enough to fit two people. It comes in two Colors; a lovely two-tone green (pictured above) and a cobalt blue. It was really easy to hang up and pack away as well.

I convinced my 6-year old son and 8-year old niece to pose for some photos testing out the hammock. I’m always weary of falling when I sit in a hammock, so I was pleasantly surprised how comfy it was. Olivier and I were pretty snug sitting together. I found it quite easy to get in and out of as well.

As the kids get older, we are getting out on more camping trips so it’s nice to add some new gear to make it more comfy and fun. I’d say this hammock is a keeper!

Note: All opinions in this post are my own. The hammock was gifted by Pouch Couch.

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