camping with kids


Our camping trip from Labor Day weekend 2017. This is my reminder that camping trips with kids can be fun and get so much easier as they get older!



This year, I’m bringing along a new addition, a pouch couch and the kids are loving it so far. It’s for them, but I am seeing myself  lounging with a good book.

I remember the days when Duncan and I used to go camping, pre-kids. We each had a hiking bag, a little two-person tent and some food. Well, times have changed. Twelve years and three kids later, camping now looks a little different. It didn’t go well the first few times, mostly due to the fact that we decided to bring a baby camping. We were organized, but had way too much stuff that we didn’t need and no one got any sleep since our little (not even) two year old, Sophie kept everyone up. She wound up sleeping around my head, curled up like a cat!

Fast foward two years and I’m ready. I mean, yes, I would rather be getting a pedicure while drinking a glass of Pinot Noir, but whatever…

If you’re in the same boat as we are with camping, life has been made a whole lot easier by being super organized and following a few “rules” to help things run more smoothly. Here are a few things I have learned along the way.

Tips for camping with kids: 

  1. Bring friends who don’t have kids (who hopefully like your kids) so they can lend a hand and make a good gin and tonic while you’re wiping a kid’s bum.

  2. Stay on a campsite near a playground. This makes for hours of entertainment.

  3. Make sure your campsite is near a washroom so kids don’t have as far to run when they tell you they have to go to the washroom about three seconds before they are about to pee in their pants.

  4. Bring an extra (small) tent for one parent and the “difficult” child. This is useful during the day for naps and lets everyone sleep at night.

  5. Relax. The kids are going to be dirty and smelly. Just let them have fun and let it go until you get home.

  6. When completely exhausted and trying to pack up your campsite, pull out the emergency electronic devices so you can clean up in peace while the kids are occupied. Don’t judge. Trust me.

Happy camping!


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