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Over the past few months, I’ve been seeing so many great artists and makers really creating names for themselves locally and beyond, so I knew I wanted to learn and share about these strong women artists/ business owners. I had been seeing all these gorgeous stud earrings and necklaces popping up in local shops and kept hearing the name Studs Astray. so I knew that I wanted to do a feature on Stephanie Grana, the creative force behind this stunning brand. I had the chance to sit down with her in a local cafe on a blustery day in February to chat everything jewelry, family and more. Here’s our little interview.


Tell me about yourself: I’m Stefanie and my company is Studs Astray. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been into making things. I’ve done it all; painting, sculpting, photography, pottery. It only made sense that I start making my own earrings.

“…my mission; INDIVIDUALITY. I like to shatter “the mold” any opportunity I get. I laugh in the face of formality and boo at the thought of boring. My earrings are as unique as you and I. they’re all hand crafted (by yours truly) making them one of a kind. I really enjoy playing with colors and creating new ones with my clay. I also love hearing from potential clients about what gets their juices flowing. I try my best to accommodate any special requests so don’t hesitate to ask.”  -Stefanie Grana

How did Studs Astray come about? I was a stay-at-home mom with my daughter, Elle (now three and a half) and needed a creative outlet; something for myself. I started experimenting and decided to sell at a local school craft fair. It just grew from there and I have now been doing this for just under two years.

Where does your inspiration come from? A lot comes from seasons; the weather. I might notice a rock and take inspiration from the texture. Most of my pieces are made with polymer clay so my designs come from playing around with the clay and seeing where it takes me. I’m constantly making earrings.


Getting a helping hand from her tiny assistant, her daughter, Elle (3 1\2)



Working in her bright studio


What do you love best about your work space? As messy as it is, I absolutely adore my work space. It’s in the attic of our century-old home. It has four skylights, so bright! I’m a person that feeds off the weather and I feel refreshed and inspired in there. It’s a pig sty but I love it.



Do you have any time management tips to share? Oh, I’m the last person anyone should take tips from about time management. Have a partner that is super organized; that’s my advice. I definitely couldn’t have brought this to life without my partner Sean.

What is your goal for Studs Astray? This business is important to me because it allows me to stay home with my daughter (and baby on the way). I’m very much a “take it one day at a time” kind of person. I set small goals. I’m still very excited about every sale I make! Small businesses are important to me. I have subconsciously always rooted for the underdog . It’s easy to go to Walmart and get earrings, but that’s boring. There is a certain romantic notion about knowing who made the products you’re buying.

If you could give one piece of advice to someone just starting out with a new business, what would it be? I’m a dreamer so I say always follow your passion and make your goals about your passion. You also have to surround yourself with positive people…always. ♦


You can find Stefanie’s latest creations here. She even does subscription boxes!


Carte Blanche (Dieppe, NB)

The Butcher’s Daughter (St. John, NB)




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  1. That`s fantastic ! I love local makers as well….maybe because i am one also 🙂 I make all of the wooden displays for StudsAstray and it`s been a real pleasure to work with her. #TheFlyingCarpenter

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