a new year’s non-resolution


With the new year upon us, it always seems fitting to come up with a resolution. It happens automatically. Most years, mine is to exercise more and make healthier eating choices (she says while plowing through a bag of kettle corn). This year, I’ve decided not to make any resolutions per se. I prefer to call it making a promise to myself with no end goal in mind. A promise to be kinder to myself. I promise to let go of the guilt and ego in order to concentrate on what gives me energy. For lack of a better expression and the risk of sounding cheesy, I will make choices that help feed my soul.

What comes to mind in this case is focusing on gaining experiences rather than more material possessions. As an interior design junkie, as well as a hoarder of pretty shiny things, I am constantly thinking of what I can buy to make my house or myself look and feel better. However, I am realizing that these things don’t make me any happier, so instead I am trying to put the focus on experiences to help boost positive energy as a replacement for all that stuff.

Another aspect that I hope to crush is constantly comparing myself to others. This mostly occurs through social media, from which I often need to take breaks so that I don’t become green with envy from seeing perfectly styled kitchens on instagram or the best outfit inspiration posts on pinterest. It’s a soul-sucking habit that has brought nothing but negativity. Anyone else with me on this one??

As I read over this blog post, deciding to publish or not, I realize that it’s so difficult to put myself out there and to be vulnerable. I sometimes see all of this as oversharing, but the hope is that just may strike a cord with someone out there who is feeling the same.

So, with my non-resolution fresh out there for all to see, I’m excited to see what 2018 brings. Happy New Year!

Please comment below. I would love to hear your thoughts!


3 thoughts on “a new year’s non-resolution

  1. YES and ALL YES to everything. I would say my only new years resolution is to keep up with laundry hehe. But definitely I want to do things that feed my soul like you said…have experiences and not so much buy this or that just to make me happy for a minute etc. We have so much to be thankful for. Thanks for sharing


    1. A great read! Yes to all. I’m working hard on finding “slower moments” in my days. I know with two young kids my actual life isn’t going to slow down anytime soon,and finding balance is hard…so slow moments and boundaries, along with dedicated me time each morning ( or evening) is my plan! 💖💫💪


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