diy branch clothing rack

branch 2


branch 3

branch 4

With the new year, I often feel compelled to de-clutter, redecorate and start fresh. That is exactly what I was thinking with my dressing room. It’s a small bedroom on our second floor that I was using as an office/art studio, but it had really become a clutter catch-all. So, when my husband suggested I turn it into a dressing room, I jumped at the chance. Don’t have to tell me twice. Being a budget-conscious gal trying to go for a somewhat bohemian look, I decided to skip the built-ins, use the existing small closet and shelving units, and attempt to install a branch as a clothing rack.

Here’s how I went about it:

-With the size of the room, I decided that I could have a branch that was about 6 feet long and still have enough room to move around it. I wanted a birch branch so I went into the woods with hedge clippers and my 8-year old Belle. With my girl on the lookout for gawkers driving by (since we were on private land), I found a maple branch instead. I still have my heart set on birch, so I do want to replace it later. I was trying to find one that would be strong enough, yet small enough for hangers to fit on it.

-Next, I got my husband to find two studs in the ceiling to screw in the hooks . I opted for ones that could support up to two hundred pounds, just to be safe. Not that I have that many clothes, but better to overestimate. Once he drilled the holes into the ceiling, he screwed the hooks right into the wood. There was no need to mess around with anchors this way.

-With the hooks firmly in place, I decided to hang the branch using jute rope. gold chains were also an option, yet I decided to try this since I already had some at home. I was nervous about the weight at first, so I doubled up on the rope and was careful not to hang too many clothes on it. After a couple days, it seemed like it was going to hold so I loaded it up with the rest of my wardrobe.

I am really happy with the result and look forward to sharing pics of the rest of the dressing room once it’s finished. hope this inspires you to include some natural elements into your design, including a branch or two.


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