Mama Monday: Be present and play


A few pics of our apple-picking excursion over the weekend. The progression of trying to get a decent pic. It’s honest. It’s us. Scowls, nose-picking, tongue sticking out and all. Outings like this one helps me be more present. Yes, I did get my phone out to do one insta- stories, but that was it. Promise!

I recently went out for dinner to catch up with a good friend whom I haven’t seen in quite a while. We chatted about the usual; kids, husbands, work, how tired we are, etc. Lucky for me, she is big into astrology and gave me a reading. It was perfect timing as I had gone to see a medium/clairvoyant a few weeks earlier and have a bunch of obscure notes I’ve been trying to decode. They are meant to be understood gradually over time, but I’m not a patient lady, so I am always looking for signs and signals. Anyhow, the reading my friend gave me over cob salad and sangria was certainly timely. It wasn’t like reading your newspaper horoscope either. She’s good! I wont go into detail since I’m not sure I understand it enough to explain, yet one thing I did take away from it is the importance of slowing down and just playing with the kids.

This is something I think about a lot. I try to be present for my kids. I spend time with them and love taking them places, but when we are home, they tend to play together or do things on their own. I like to bake with them or ask them to help me with little things around the house, but I really don’t get down and participate in their imaginary play. It’s never been my thing, but I need to make it my thing. I decided to test it out the other day with Olivier. He was playing with some of his little lego figures he had built so I asked him about them. Well, he lit right up and went into a detailed account of the story line he had made up about this little plastic world. It was fascinating. He tells me about his little stories all the time, and I think I’m listening, but I’m always trying to do so many things at once that I don’t stop to fully process what he is telling me.

For those of you who read my blog, you know I love lists, so in staying true to my organized chaos approach to life, here are a few suggestions of ways to be present and just play. You’ve probably heard them all but I write this as a reminder to myself. It’s a work in progress for me and I definitely don’t think I’m an expert in the parenting department. These are mostly things I am striving to do more myself. I love hearing your feedback so if you have ideas to share or something to contribute to the list, please comment below.

Put the phone away: I am guilty of this. I think I will just quickly check my messages and 30 minutes are wasted scrolling through social media. Just physically put it away so you can’t see it. Nothing will be missed. Save the social media for after the littles’s bedtime.

Get down and play: As previously mentioned, I’ve felt like this isn’t my thing, but the it’s important and pretty soon, the kids won’t want me to hang out with me and might only talk to me to ask me for the car keys so I better make this time count.

Keep it simple: Yes, there are a million and one amazing craft projects on Pinterest to try with the kids, but it doesn’t need to be complicated. Get out a coloring book and help color a picture of Spiderman.

Include them: As they get older, my littles love taking part in preparing meals. Belle’s thing is spaghetti sauce. Duncan taught her how to make it so now, on spaghettit night, she is head chef. He deals with the dirty work, but she’s the boss and loves it!

Slow down: This is an easy one for me since I don’t like cleaning, but slow down and let it go. If the laundry doesn’t get done exactly when it is supposed to or that kitchen floor isn’t spotless, it’s ok. Yes, I go into crazy mode when company is coming over, but for the rest of the time, it doesn’t matter. I think slowing down also means taking a minute to realize what is going on around you. I guess it goes hand in hand with all the other ideas since it all boils down to being present.

Thanks for reading.

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