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Lately I find myself unable to sleep and often have a head full of floating thoughts that need to get out. I usually shut down that part of my brain during the day when I’m with the kids because I’m working so hard to keep the peace, keep my cool and keep everyone accounted for on outings. I make it sound like I have 15 kids. I don’t, but I had a dream last night that I lost one, so it’s obviously on my list of issues.

So, although I can’t claim to be reinventing the wheel by any means, I need to get some of these thoughts out of my head. For your reading pleasure, here are some links I am loving from around the web this week. They have either made me think, have inspired my creativity, have made me say: “What the…?” or, to put it simply, I thought they were cool. Please check out the links and don’t be shy to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading!

1. Apparently I’m the last one to find out that shipping containers are the latest choice for an art gallery space.

2. Five great Ted Talks to help brush up  on your parenting skills.

3. It’s that time again; the September Issue is out! The kids will need to raise themselves for a few hours because mama will be drinking some wine and reading her shiny new copy.

4. 36 questions to help you become close to someone. Do you think it can work?

5. What are your thoughts on The Great Crystal Boom of 2017 ?

6. Apparently, the designers of the new season of Project Runway “weren’t too happy” about this new twist

7. How will the total solar eclipse affect your zodiac sign ?

8. If you’ve been meaning to pick up a good book this summer and just haven’t gotten around to it, here is a list of simply great books to dedicate the rest of your summer to.

9. For those of us who tend to hog tables at coffee shops to get some work done, here is a coffee shop etiquette guide to answer all your burning questions.

Have a great weekend!




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