10 big girl bedroom decor ideas

I did it. I sold the crib. I didn’t really think about it as I was going through the process of trying to sell it, but as I helped the soon-to-be parents load each piece of baby memories onto the back of their truck, I felt tears start to bubble up. We’ve had that crib for over seven years. It has seen and lived through three babies. It has seen many sleepless nights, cooing and gurgles of a happy baby and screams and cries of a not-so-happy baby. It has been adjusted to stop those monkeys from climbing out and has been covered up and painted to hide the teeth marks from little biters. As I fought to hold back the tears in front of total strangers, I felt a huge sense of relief when my neighbor yelled from down the street: “Does this mean it’s officially over?” It broke the tension and I had a good laugh. We had been thinking of getting rid of the crib/ toddler bed for a while now, especially since Sophie either sleeps on a big papasan chair pillow which was given to her on her second birthday by my parents (Thanks mom!) or the floor. It was literally sitting there collecting dust. It was time. That being said, I don’t plan on letting her sleep on the pillow my husband has affectionately dubbed “the dog bed” forever, but it works for now. My six year old niece sleeps on one too and she’s happy and rested. Maybe they’re onto something. Anyhow, I’m in decorating mode for Sophie’s room. Let’s be honest. I’m always in decorating mode for every room in the house, but I’m ready to take action for hers. Sophie’s room is currently decorated with some very soft and girly details which work well, but I’ve begun thinking of changes I can make to this space to make it a big girl room that she can grow into over time. As I often do, I turned to good ol’ Pinterest to find some ideas. It can be hard to sift through the seemingly endless sea of big-girl beds and decor items, but here are some great ideas I found to help Sophie’s room go from a ballet slipper pink, slightly saccharin baby nursery to a cool two-going-on-twenty bedroom that will grow with this gal over time. I’m often drawn to rooms that have a vintage or boho feel, yet I like the idea of some industrial (ish) details. I’m thinking that some of these ideas may trickle on over into Olivier’s room makeover.

Thanks for reading!


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