Things I love

The Summer holiday (from teaching) is here! Most years, we leave the kids in part-time daycare, but we’ve decided to take them out for the Summer since I’m off work anyway. I’m looking forward to spending more time with those littles without being preoccupied or stressed about work. The beach, pool, zoo, bookstore, park, etc. are calling our names. When I’m hanging around the house, my uniform usually consists of yoga pants and a plaid shirt or hoodie. For the Summer season, I’ll be keeping it pretty basic since I will mainly be making snacks, changing pull-ups and playing in the grass/ sand/ water; however, I’m all about wearing basics and adding small (yet sometimes flashy) details to make my outfit more interesting. Here are a few of my top picks and some essential extras to help me feel a little less zombie mom, and a little more casually chic mama. I’m laughing as I write that last part, but the little details help make me feel more confident and ready to go anywhere in a flash. Thanks for reading!


“Do not disturb” beach hat


Palm print swimsuit


Neon tassle beach tote


Denim roll-sleeve romper

Comfy Sneakers



A versatile statement necklace



Cooling mist for for the kiddos and myself for après-beach fun



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