summer outdoor decorating

With the weather warming up and Summer getting closer, it’s time to take it outside; the party that is. I was given the opportunity by to take part in a blogger campaign called “Fresh Air Fundamentals” to kick off the outdoor season. The challenge I was given was to show how I would add elements from their fabulous website to create my ideal outdoor living space. I loved this idea and was keen to give it a whirl.

Every Spring, I find myself trying to come up with ways to spruce up my outdoor living space with a few small additions. This year, I’m focusing on trying to make my deck cozy and laid back with a slightly modern boho vibe. I like the idea that we can entertain guests in this space for a little adult soirée, but also make it fun and comfortable for the kids to play around, as they do. Here’s what I came up with.

I started with a neutral colored pallet couch (the image is similar to one that I made last Summer) to create a base that can mesh with a variety of pieces and help the space feel cohesive. I also added string outdoor lights. There’s something about these lights that makes me want to open another bottle of wine and not worry about my 6 am wake up call from the littles. Then I chose two rugs, one neutral and one colorful to add a punch of brightness and a comfy feeling to the space. I also added a wooden stool to be used as a seat or side table. I chose this material to help ground the space and give it that natural feel. I also included a a terrarium since I’m loving this whole “jungalow” theme that I’m seeing everywhere. Plus, succulents will last a bit longer under the supervision of my black thumb. I also added this gorgeous woven wall hanging because I just love the idea of thinking of my deck as another living room, so why not slap this beauty right onto the side of the house?! Finally, I added a warm throw blanket for those chilly nights, a couple of pillows (keeping in mind that I would actually add about fifty of these) and a gold pineapple because I can’t have a room that doesn’t include a gold accent piece.

I hope these pieces inspire you to add a little boost to your outdoor living space this season. Here’s to roasting marshmallows in the backyard and dancing under the stars. Happy Summer!


My image inspiration for this challenge


Marled Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug


a bright rug for a punch of color



Wooden Stool


Hiba wall hanging


Gold aluminum pineapple accent


natural textured throw pillows


Whimsical mermaid pillow


A comfy throw (comes in a rainbow of colors)


Glass terrarium


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