Honestly speaking: little ones and body image

   My Belle showing off her meditation pose


As a person who has struggled with self esteem and body image from a young age, it is something I often wonder and worry about for my children. I mainly focus on Belle right now who is an impressionable and often anxious little 7 year old. I know she is not me, but I see many similarities between her personality and mine and want to help her grow up to be a confident person who feels good in her own skin. It seems as though this generation of children is exposed to so much, and even if I think I have control over what my little ones see and hear, it’s out of my hands once they set foot in school, daycare, etc. It scares me when I hear them making negative comments about certain aspects of their appearance or that someone else has said something to them! Let me tell you, Mama bear wants to come out in those instances. I know my actions greatly affect my kids but there any several influencing factors that are beyond me and all I can do is try to instill a strong sense of self and teach my little Belle, as well and Oli and Soph to be independent thinkers who don’t let society dictate how they feel about their bodies or themselves. I’m no expert, but here are a few things that we have been working on in our house:

Meditation: Once again, not an expert on the subject, but as meditation has become an important part of my daily life, I have decided to help my kids learn to practice a little mindfulness and meditation. I’m not expecting them to do an Om chant for an hour, but I’m hoping to teach these little bunnies some good habits that will serve them now and later in life.

Healthy eating habits: I suppose this is a no-brainer, but it can be a challenge to make sure the littles are eating as healthy a possible (especially if their mom is sneaking chocolate and gummy bears left from Easter when no one is watching). I really believe in the link between nutrition and good mental health. I sure notice anxiety levels spike in my casa when some of us have too much refined sugar!

Keep my attitude in check: Even when you think those kiddos aren’t paying attention, they definitely are, so I have been trying to have a positive attitude and avoid making negative comments about my appearance, weight or various abilities, as well as anyone else’s for that matter.
I know I haven’t gone into great detail with this post, but if it resonates with you, I would love your feedback. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions based on your own experiences, please share. Thanks for reading.

One thought on “Honestly speaking: little ones and body image

  1. I loved reading this! I would love to hear more about your mediation practice with your kiddos.
    Since having kids, I really have changed the way I talk about my appearance and the appearance of others. Zero negative comments about physical attributes. I know school and clubs/activities will expose my girls to more, but if I can give them a atrong foundation now – I’m hoping it will pay off.

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