boho vibes

I’ve been redecorating in my head, as I do, and one room I think about giving a redo is the main living room. I do like how it is so far, yet I have definite decorating envy when I see all those effortlessly breezy boho chic living spaces. I yearn for casually thrown lamb skin rugs and perfectly-placed accents that look as though they just fell into place. I still have the ol’ dusty rose and gold obsession so that would definitely need to make an appearance, but boho vibes are what I’m thinking. Sometimes, I think this style is also an excuse to have messy and mismatched decor, but you can just say: “It’s ok, my esthetic is boho.” Although, knowing my husband and most of my friends, I would probably get a few eye rolls for blurting out something like that.

Having said all that, I was excited to be invited by to participate in a Design bucket list challenge to help celebrate the launch of their sister site, This site is loaded with one-of-a-kind treasures that can’t be found anywhere else. The challenge was to pick items from Decaso’s  collection and put together my dream space with an unlimited budget. What would I pick? Let me tell you, I would make that sky high budget count! Here’s what I came up with.

Make sure to check out their site here. Thanks for reading!







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