Spring Antiquing

image source (Grayslake Antique and Vintage Market)
image source (The Chicago Vintage Clothing and Jewelry Show)
image source

Happy Monday!

We’re in the middle of a blizzard around here, so I can’t help but dream about the nice weather to come. With Spring cleaning comes the urge to change things up and part of that for me means antiquing! We don’t have huge antique markets where I live, but a road trip is never out of the question!

One of my go-to spots to find out where to pick up antiques is through Invaluable’s antique jewelry section. Their latest post features the best spots for your next antiquing road trip. I am especially intrigued by the Chicago vintage jewelry and clothing show. Now, I know this doesn’t help with changing things up in my house, but it doesn’t hurt to spruce up the wardrobe as well. I tend to pick up most of my antiques through all the places mentioned in this post, and reading through, I realized that my range and effort for finding antiques is pretty narrow, so I think it’s time to broaden the ol’ horizon, even if it’s local. I actually stumbled upon another site here that lists all the best antiquing spots across Canada. Right now, I’m on the hunt for the perfect piece to make my own sliding barn door for my soon-to-be walk-in closet. I see auctions and flea antique markets in my near future. I’m thinking something like this:



or this one…


Happy Antiquing!




3 thoughts on “Spring Antiquing

  1. Go to Vermont, so many antique shops everywhere. I’ll meet you there. We can drive around with some Vermont cheese and stop at all the antique shops we see 🙂


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