New year, new goals, new look

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So I’ve been a busy bee the past few days. I’ve had this blog for years now and have never been consistent with it, but something told me that I should hang onto it anyway. If I was going to do so, I decided that it needed a little facelift so I moved it over to I must say, so far, so good. Reflecting back on 2016, I realized that it was a busy year, as every year typically is. I returned to work after my third maternity leave. I also attended my first Hoopla (stella & dot annual conference) in Orlando, Florida which I NEVER thought I would do! It was an amazing experience. I met so many women who are optimistic, forward-thinking and driven to reach their goals. It was so uplifting and I’ve been thinking about that more and more lately.

       Our gang pictured in the latest stella & dot look book (bottom right)

Just the other day, I received something special in the mail called The Happiness Planner as a gift from stella & dot and one question asked in the planner is: “What are your dreams?” In our fast-paced lives, and as a full-time teacher, mom to three littles, I have little time to actually sit and think about that. When I read that question, something made me stop and actually pause to think about it. I figured this is as good a platform as any to “put it all out there” so here goes.. My dreams are to have an article published in a magazine like Style at Home or Domino, to become an interior stylist/designer and to attend NYFW and Paris Fashion Week. Who knows, maybe someday. For now, I am content to watch the live feed on Fashion Week online and dream about it. Ok, your turn to think about it. What are your dreams? Are they totally out there that you want to keep them to yourself? If so, don’t. I’m slowly learning that the only way for dreams to have a chance at being fulfilled is if we put them out into the universe, do the work and (as corny as it sounds) enjoy the ride.


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