A simple guide to antiquing

 Commode found at Recycl’art
 Church pew found at flea market
 Century-old dining table found on kijiji
Coffee table found on kijiji

I was recently invited by the team at invaluable.com to post about my favourite go-to spots for finding antiques and other treasures. I was super excited to learn about their site since online shopping has become my #1 method to hunt for new finds. I would love to spend my days scouring through vintage shops, flea markets and auction houses. However, my littles don’t leave me much time to do that, and where I live, there aren’t a ton of options, so it’s nice to have some shops and websites that I can hit up regularly to find furniture pieces or décor item (for cheap!).

This post from Invaluable.com about Summer antiquing has provided some great tips, so I thought I would chime in on the subject and mention my favorite antiquing spots, as well as my bargaining strategies when it comes time to pay up.

This is a website where you can find everything under the sun, and I have managed to score some great finds, including our century-old dining table! I have mostly found pieces that are people’s personal items, as well as some auction houses.
This local shop always has amazing pieces. They do a lot of their own repurposing and refinishing and I have found a few great pieces here. Prices are fixed here, so I pay what’s on the price tag.
3) Thrift shops
These are great places to go if you are willing to stop in often. It can really be hit or miss. Patience is key.

4) Garage Sales
I must admit that this is the source I use least, but some of the best finds seem to come from garage sales. I usually decide what I’m looking for before I arrive, and don’t go home with anything other than what was on my list. My only exceptions are vinyl records or vintage tea cups and saucers. I just can’t resist! 

Now, here is the fun part about buying antiques and second-hand items: The bargaining! My husband absolutely detests doing this, so he leaves all the wheeling and dealing up to me, which I love. When it comes to striking up a deal, I’m not super aggressive, but I won’t pay more than I think the piece is worth. If I happen to see the price of an item online before going to see it in person, I decide how much I am willing to pay for it (usually 10 to 15% less than they are asking) and I only bring that much cash with me. This usually works in my favor, but if it doesn’t, I prep with a good dose of self-talk to be ready to walk away if I need to. 
I hope you get the chance to spend some time getting your hands dirty this Summer hunting for that perfect piece you’ve envisioned for your home.
Happy Antiquing!

note: No compensation has been provided by the above-mentioned websites. The opinions are solely that of prettylittleivy.com

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