Patio lanterns

Patio lanterns

Happy weekend,

I’m writing this as I’m waiting for my flight to board. I am going to Montreal for four whole days on my own to visit my sister! While I’m there, I’m definitely hoping to visit some home decor stores and check out some things we may not have at home. I’m hoping to find some items that might tie in nicely to my latest project. The redo I’ve had on my mind lately, mostly due to the oncoming of nice weather (finally) is a mini deck facelift fit for days to play with the kids and lounge with a cup of coffee or nights to host low key gatherings with friends.
One key player in this decor DIY is the seating. I’ve decided to go for an eclectic, laid back and lightly boho look (if that is actually a thing) so I’ve gathered up an arsenal of pallets and am going to make a sectional couch. Duncan has been trying to get a sense of what I’m thinking as far as dimensions go, but I’m content to just pick out the prettiest pallets, slap on a coat of paint and see where it takes me. I’ve been scanning Pinterest for ideas and have found some gorgeous inspiration so here are a few that are on my vision board, including other accessories such as lighting, plants and accessories.
What are your plans this summer? Any DIY happening around your place? 
Thanks for reading!

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