Honestly speaking: body after baby

When I went to get the mail today, I was almost, I don’t want to say shocked, but I was definitely surprised by the cover as I pulled the latest copy of Today’s Parent out of the mailbox. This beautiful mother and her two littles were on the cover:

I was just so surprised to see a woman on the cover who wasn’t afraid to display her imperfections. She really just put it all out there. It came at the right time as I am almost 6 months in with my post-baby body and, although I have lost most of the baby weight (mostly because I have been on a heavily-restricted diet since I am nursing and Sophie has shown signs of sensitivity to all the “good stuff”) I certainly feel the aftershock of gaining and losing 40+ pounds 3 times! Similarly to some of the women in the article, I suffered from an eating disorder for a long time (along with anxiety and depression, which is a story for another time). So my body image hasn’t always been the healthiest. Since our culture has a specific idea of what is deemed beautiful, it is difficult to alter how I perceive myself physically, but I am working hard to see my stretch marks and soft belly as a badge of honour for having carried and birthed 3 tiny humans. Even if I don’t view myself in a positive light, I am becoming hyper-aware of how important it is for me to be a good example for my kids, especially Annabelle who is 5 years old and very in-tune with her surroundings. I am determined to help her, as well as Sophie and Olivier have the healthiest possible body image and understanding of what is truly important and beautiful. One day at a time…

Thanks for reading,
p.s. Sorry for being Queen of the run on sentences today!


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