Confessions of a Starbucks Addict

Most of those who know me are aware I have a long-standing Starbucks addiction. When I think of it, it’s absurd that I could be addicted to this, but it’s a fact. My poison has been the irresistible chai latte for years. I feel silly writing about this, but the main reason I’m broaching the subject is that I have been sans chai latte for over two months now all thanks to baby Sophie. Similarly to Olivier, Sophie has been showing symptoms of dairy allergies for quite a while, and since I’m nursing, I knew that I had to cut out the dairy to avoid causing her discomfort. Not a problem for this gal. I just had to switch to soy, or so I thought. She seems to be sensitive to soy as well, so I had to cut out Starbucks lattes altogether, cold turkey! 
I am hesitant to say it, but I now consider myself a (somewhat) reformed Starbucks addict. For this, my husband and wallet are happier than ever. I still manage to be drawn in and have found a replacement in the always classic and significantly cheaper Americano. I always keep my mason jar of coconut milk in the baby bag just in case I get the urge to make a quick stop. You laugh, but it’s obviously a habit when your 2 year old points to the Starbucks sign as you drive by and asks: “Maman, getting a coffee?” 
Apparently, there are many people in the same situation as I have found blogs solely dedicated to talking about Starbucks. I draw the line there. If I dedicate my blogging to a drink, someone punch me. Below is a list of “symptoms” of a Starbucks addiction. Come on, check it out…just for shits and giggles. 

There are a handful of signs below that prove you are an addict.

1) You’ll wait in a 20 minute line to order a tall drip.
2) You bring your laptop to Starbucks and pretend you actually have work to do.
3) The Barista knows your drink.
4) The Barista knows your name.
5) You downloaded an app specifically to make your Starbucks experience more personal.
6) You know every Starbucks location within a 20 mile radius of your home.
7) You visit multiple Starbucks during the week for no other reason, but to switch it up.
8) You’ll charge a Starbucks coffee to your debit card knowing your bank account is overdrawn.
9) You Twitter about your Starbucks addiction.
10) You look for a Facebook Fan Page dedicated to your Starbucks addiction.

Thanks for reading!


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