DIY Chalk Wall

O is obviously more interested in the ukulele than the chalk wall 

Ever since we moved into our new house five months ago, I’ve been eyeing a lonely little wall in the corner of the kitchen. I thought to myself: “This wall is just dying to become a chalk board.” I finally got around to doing it this past week and love the results. We had one in our old house, and it was just so much fun for the kids. Plus, we used it as a (sometimes inappropriate) quote board when friends would come over for some adult beverages. This time, I decided to, wait for it…add magnetic primer. Oh yes, I live on the edge. Let me tell you, I will probably never use that horrible stuff again, it was so smelly and really tough to mix. I used this brand. However, the results is pretty cool and the kids love it, which is all that counts.

Here are a few suggestions to get the best results:
-Make sure to mix the primer really well. (My first coat was really thin so I had to use three coats) Not ideal.
-The primer smells really strong, so it’s probably best not to use it in the house in the dead of winter as I did. It stunk us out of the house and we ended up going out for dinner.
-I let the primer set overnight before putting on the chalk paint.
-I used two coats of this chalk paint.
-Let the paint set overnight. Then color the whole surface with chalk and erase to get the best writing/drawing surface.

Happy painting!


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