Beauty Products: How to Choose Thoughtfully

Do you ever browse the beauty or skincare aisle frazzled and unsure of what to choose? I sure do. It’s always questionable when you don’t know what most of the ingredients listed on the bottle are…and then you slap them on your face. Thankfully, my sister, who wrote this blog post about choosing local vs. organic produce, told me to visit This site can educate about which products are safe and ranks their hazard level as either low, moderate or high.

Hazard Level Scale
Now, I’m not going to head on a rampage and toss out every beauty product I own that is not on the lower end of the hazard level scale, but I think this sort of information could make it easier and less overwhelming when choosing products. Not only can you find information on beauty products, but there is also info on products for babies and kids, sun care products, and skincare. For me, the main priority is to make sure all the products we use for the kids are safe, as well as the products that I use for myself on a daily basis.
Note: I am not being compensated for endorsing this website, but thought it was important to share. I hope you find it as helpful as I have.
Thanks for reading!

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