A little rant

In the spirit of a confession post: a photo where I`m feeling pretty exposed

Happy Sunday to you. I’m sort of in a confessing-type of mood (nothing major, of course. Baby steps.) I’ve been inspired by Saige Wisdom‘s confession posts, and feel like I need to take a little step toward breaking down a barrier that I hide behind with this little blog of mine. Deep breath, here I go.

I can’t stand fashion blogs. Actually, it’s kind of a love\hate relationship. If any fashion blogger is reading, allow me to explain myself. I actually adore them, but find that I am constantly comparing myself to them, as if they are the cool kids in school and I’m the mousy little intimidated kid wanting to fit in. Newsflash Vanessa: High school is over! I think I’m just envious that they have the confidence to pose for the camera everyday to put together their outfit posts. I have trouble posting pics with my feet in them. Who knows. Maybe pretty little ivy will turn into a fashion blog. (probably have to start talking about fashion first!)

I think I have ADD when it comes to creative projects, and drive myself and Duncan crazy in the process. I`m envious of people who are doing DIY and craft projects faster than I can pin them. I, on the other hand just bounce around in circles from one project to the next; painting, writing, crafting, photos, etc. I don`t know if this trend will ever change, but at least through this process I`m making myself aware of it.


 “We only confess our little faults to persuade people that we have no big ones.”
François De La Rochefoucauld


6 thoughts on “A little rant

  1. I just read a study that women who watch beauty shows tan more and have higher rates of skin cancer. I figure same goes for fashion blogs. Keep hating them 😉


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