Life Lately: Baby Pop Party

Our little wallflowers assessing the situation
My sister Renée and Lùa
DJ Bones
O watching from the sidelines

Taking a break from dancing to “rock out” 
Well hello there. Once again, it’s been a while. Every time I take a blogging break, it always ends up lasting longer than expected. I sort of lose motivation and inspiration, and life happens. Anyway, I’m back! 

During my little blogging break, we’ve been enjoying our little family. We even went to a baby pop party with my mom, sister and niece who were visiting from Toronto. If you’re wondering what a baby pop party is, it’s exactly what it sounds like: a bunch of toddlers, a DJ named Bones, snacks, some 90’s throwback tunes and voilà! You’ve got a baby pop party. It was funny to see the different personalities coming out of the kids. There were the typical outgoing party animals, as well as the more reserved littles who needed a couple of “drinks” before they felt comfortable enough to bust a move. Belle and cousin Lùa fell into the latter category, but they definitely had a great time. As for O, he was content to sit on Grand-maman’s lap and watch the kids boogie. I hope you enjoy the photos. Thanks for reading!




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