Mama Monday: Get Outside

I wouldn’t consider myself an outdoorsy person. I am active, if active can be defined as running up and down stairs, pushing kids on the swings and wrestling a squirmy 11 month old during diaper changes. Honestly, I’d rather be sitting and drinking coffee and reading magazines or blogs. Having said that, I know how important it is to spend time outside in nature. I came across an interview with David Suzuki about the 30×30 Nature Challenge. When I was talking about it with Duncan, he said he thought it was silly that there has to be a “challenge” for everything, but I guess it’s gotten to this point. People need an organized challenge to do anything, including spending time outside.

My whole reason for including it as a “Mama Monday” post is that I realize if I’m not going to make the effort for myself to spend more time outside, I need to do it for my kiddos. So, we are taking part in the 30×30 nature challenge. There is even a weekly photo contest with a chance to win some great prizes! Here are a few of our nature challenge photos. I hope you enjoy!



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