Mama Monday: Keeping Up With the Joneses kids

Ralph Lauren

Keeping up with the Joneses; definitely not a new concept, and something with which I often struggle. I’m not saying I wrack up the visa with designer purchases in order to portray some fake image, but I am definitely aware of labels and often find myself wondering obsessing about how people afford all their stuff! I periodically need to remind myself that that’s all it is, stuff. Becoming a mom hasn’t helped in that department. When it comes to their babies, it seems like people spend a fortune just to have their tots decked out in the latest designer duds. I mean, who can afford to spend a paycheck on clothes that the kid is going to wear for a couple of months? I try not to let it get to me, but I have found myself at library story time feeling guilty that Belle has sparkly Dora kicks from (cringe) Walmart when most of the other little girls are sporting shoes that cost more than mine.

So, it comes down to this. I need to get over my “Joneses” issues and focus on what’s important for my kiddos. I have a few years until they are begging me for special brands of this, that and the other, so I will focus on instilling values and an understanding of what is truly important, whatever that is…

I think we’ll be OK since Belle is still all about her Old Navy bingo pants and O would rather be naked anyhow. Also, it’s a good thing Duncan is my down-to-earth, no-logo mountain man. Otherwise, our house would be doomed.

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