Mama Monday

Everyday, I learn something new from other moms about little tips and tricks to make things easier with the everyday when it comes to the kiddos. Recently, I came across 36 little hacks that will make parenting so much easier. Many ideas are useful, and others are just plain hilarious. Whether or not you have children, you’ll have a good chuckle. These are my personal faves.

Teach your child to pick up a juice box by the side flaps to
avoid juice squirting everywhere.

Put sprinkles on everything. They’ll turn any healthy
smoothie or juice into a fun-filled endeavor.
Need a place to put your kid? Make a hammock with a blanket tied around a table.
If your kids are scared of monsters, make monster spray. Squirt under the bed, in the closet. Everybody can go back to sleep now.
Stick a command hook on the back of a high chair to hold bibs.
Use a shoe caddy to store games and snacks on a long road trip.
 Re-purpose a pool noodle to become a toddler-proof door stopper.
Freeze a pacifier in an ice cube tray with juice, milk, formula, or water to
sooth a teething baby’s gums.
Put your kids to work by turning chores into a fun game.
And, just for fun…
Push your kid on a swing from afar using a string or rope.


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