Book Review: The Honest Life

A few weeks ago, The Honest Life by Jessica Alba caught my eye at the bookstore. I was intrigued, knowing that she had co-founded The Honest Company, which focuses on creating natural Eco-friendly baby and home care products, so I thought I would give it a read.

About the Book

The Honest Life is about Alba’s personal journey toward living a healthier life, recounting experiences that led her to question the products she was using in her daily life when pregnant with her daughter, Honor. In this book, Alba shares strategies to help lead an “honest” life by providing tips to make natural living simple and attainable, focusing on food, beauty, style, home and, of course, baby. In each section of the book, she shares personal experiences, opinions, facts to help make informed decisions, and lists of toxins to avoid when possible.

The Review

Most of the time, books of this nature tend to bring out the hyperchondriac in me, but in this case, I appreciated how Alba provides information in a comprehensible, down-to-earth fashion that is easy to relate to. Overall, I absolutely loved the book and it has been my go-to guide, mainly for anything having to do with the kiddos, as well as style and entertaining. I also loved the super-detailed reference guide at the end of the book to help you “know which low-mercury seafood to grill or the best design blogs to consult before your home renovation.”

Having read this book, I am not going to throw everything out of the house that might contain nasty chemicals, but I will, as Alba suggests, open the windows each day (even during Winter), read labels more closely, and continue to learn about living a more “honest” life.


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