Bingo Pants

This was the one day Belle let me take her photo and she wasn’t wearing her usual Bingo pants.
You might be asking yourself: “What exactly are bingo pants?” I’m glad you asked. “Bingo pants” is a term that was coined by my ever-so-slightly cynical sister when she noticed that Belle seemed to have an affinity for a certain style of pants. The kind of pants to which I am referring are bright, tight (The brighter and tighter, the better) and would really look great when accessorized with a fanny pack.
Now, I enjoy a nice pair of stretchy pants as much as the next person, and I mean no disrespect for those who play bingo or fancy a fanny pack, but I bring up the subject because it has become somewhat of an issue in our house. Every morning, when it’s time to get dressed, I casually try to coax Belle into wearing a cute pair of dark denim jeggings, cargo pants or cords, but alas, she won’t hear any of it unless there is an abundance of stretch, glitter, or a they are of the heart, butterfly or animal print variety. I have fought and I have lost, and as a result, I have concluded that I need to let the child wear her bingo pants with pride. Besides, she may as well wear ’em while she can get away with it. Shake what your mama gave ya girl!
In the end, O is the one who suffers since he is not able to voice his opinion, or say: “Don’t come near me with that cardigan Mama!” I’ll take advantage while I can.
Poor O has no idea what’s in store for him



6 thoughts on “Bingo Pants

  1. oh my goodness I have a SERIOUS issue when it comes to dressing my kids. I once made the mistake of bringing home a Spiderman shirt and Saige lost her mind (up until that point all of her shirts were either a solid colour or striped).
    I basically buy clothes for Saige that I wish I myself could pull off and Gabe's outfits are what I wish Trev dressed like.
    I love your cute nickname Bingo Pants – hysterical


  2. I know what you are saying! my middle daughter wanted pink hair, and wore a skirt on her head pretending it was pink hair…everyday. i would pled with her to not wear it and she would have non of it…finally I just caved and she happily glued bows and sparkles and glitter on her pink hair that was a skirt. when we look at the pictures now that she is a well adjusted 23 yr old, we always laugh!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.


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