Fun mommy vs. down-to-business mommy

I believe that in the world of parenting, there is time for “fun mommy” and time for “down-to-business mommy,” which is really just a nice way of saying “mean mommy.” These days, I must say that I fall into the “down-to-business mommy” category. It’s not that I don’t like to have fun, but I have just fallen into a rut where I’m so preoccupied with Belle’s behaviour and stupid little things that don’t really matter, and I simply forget to have fun with my little girl. So, I’ve decided to give “down-to-business” mommy a little holiday and let fun mommy hang out for a while. It’s time to have some belly laughs and let loose, so I will play, and just be with my kiddies.

It also helps to see things like this in the bookstore. It seriously made me laugh out loud. (On a bad day, I could unfortunately see myself doing the same as the gal on the book cover).


5 thoughts on “Fun mommy vs. down-to-business mommy

  1. Definitely going to have to pick this book up!! Looks hilarious!
    I found you via Sarah Rose … I nominated her blog for the Liebster and she in turn nominated you!

    I am now bouncing through her noms to connect with new bloggers and I enjoy your blog!
    Come stop by and say hi at Raising Reagan!


    PS ~ I'm not on blogger so sorry if it shows up as a no reply 😦


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