Couch Potato No More!

The time has come to get off my butt and start exercising. It has been a month since Olivier arrived and I’m starting to feel “normal” so I think I will feel better if I ditch the couch potato tendencies and get my bootie in gear.
Here’s what I’ve mainly been doing since the baby was born (mostly while nursing the baby):
The goal: Lose the 30 pounds that decided to stick around after baby arrived
The exercise routine: Exercise at least four times per week with a mix of walking/ running, power yoga and P90X.
The diet plan: From past experience, I know that I can’t count every last calorie and deprive myself because I will end up eating twice as much. However, I suppose I could limit the number of cookies I eat in one sitting and avoid snacking at night. Plus, I suppose I could balance out the several cups of decaf and Perrier I drink by increasing my intake of regular water. Can you sense how impressed I am?
I’m not giving myself a specific timeline to lose the weight as not to put too much pressure on myself, as long as I`m losing inches.
The Most Important Part:
Oh, almost forgot. I do have extra incentive each month with a friendly competition between Duncan and I. The deal is that the person who exercises the most in one week wins for that week. Then, the person who wins the most weeks in a month gets $100 to spend on whatever their little heart desires. I`m totally going to kick his butt!
The goal is to blog about my progress weekly to hold myself accountable. Someone yell at me if I don’t follow through with the updates. Look at me, assuming that anyone has the time to call me on my shenanigans.
My ‘before’ picture: 2 pounds down, 28 to go!
Have a great week,

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