He’s here! Our new addition, Olivier arrived on Thursday, May 24th. At 6 lbs, he’s small but mighty. He is a laid back little guy who pretty well spent his first week eating and sleeping, which was to be expected.
Olivier arrived a day before his due date, and I was sure he would be late! It was definitely a surprise when I was sitting in a cafe with hubby and Belle and started to feel contractions. They were small so I figured it would be a few days before full on labor started since that’s what happened with Belle. Well, I was in for a surprise! After the cafe, we headed over to the airport to meet my mom because my sister and niece were arriving. The contractions were coming closer and closer together, but I was in complete denial, mainly because I had a hot stone pedicure booked that afternoon and didn’t want to miss it. Once I realized the pedicure was not going to happen, we headed to the hospital. This was around 2pm. By 6pm, 6:17pm to be exact, Olivier was in my arms crying away. We stayed in the hospital for a couple of days under observation since he did arrive so quickly, but everything is looking good!

Now comes the adjusting part. I must say that the first couple of weeks have not been the easiest, but we’re figuring it out one day at a time. Thank goodness Duncan has been home to spend time with Belle so I can get some rest. Also, Belle has been a great big sister and little helper. She has had a few tantrums here and there, but she mainly just wants to hold his hand and stroke his little head. The adventure begins!


With mama and big sis


Sleepy babe

Proud Papa


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