Things I Heart Thursday

I hope you’re having a wonderful week. It seems like the plants, flowers and leaves on the trees have sprouted up overnight. I love it! This week, I’ve been trying to get lots of stuff done pre-bébé. I`m pretty well all set to go at this point. It`s all details from here. Here`s what I`m loving this week.

Baby bum cream from Canadian company Olivier Soapery. The sales person helping me actually ate the cream to show how natural it is! It`s great for diaper rash. 
3 Sprouts navy elephant storage bin for the nursery

Great book by Lara Spencer. She makes me feel like I could redecorate my house by dumpster diving!

Owl art by Jen Peters. These cuties are inspiring my nursery decor.

 Hot Coral Maxi Skirt to limit my post-baby frumpiness factor, yet still be comfy. I actually wore this skirt to work recently and got loads of compliments by 9 year old boys, oddly enough…except for one student who looked at me like I had two heads!



4 thoughts on “Things I Heart Thursday

  1. you should totally link this up as an 'obsessions' post!! (A) I've been a big fan of those 3 Sprout hampers 4-ever!, (B) is the book worth buying? (C) that maxi skirt is awesome! I just bought a black one, but the pop of colour is way more fun!


  2. I will definitely link this post up to obsessions. I agree about the 3 sprouts bins…although I realize that I'm obsessed with anything from that company. I think the book is definitely worth buying. It's something I like to flip through randomly for ideas. I think the maxi skirt will be my go-to garment for this summer…need to go get more! Thanks for the comment!


  3. I also had that skirt in my obsessions post!!! Isn't it amazing? It must really be a hit because I got tons of compliments on mine too. Mine is black but I am deff going back for my colors!


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