All in her own time

I think I sometimes forget that Belle is her own person because I expect that she is going to love something and then I realize….WOW, was I wrong. One example of this would be the infamous tricycle.

We decided that the Easter Bunny would bring Belle a shiny red tricycle, and of course she would love it. When she saw it, the reaction was not what I was expecting. She looked at it, touched it, and that was it! So, being the stubborn person that I am, I proceeded try to make this tricycle look like the best thing to come along since Minigo yogourt and Smarties. Then she decided that she didn’t want to wear the helmet. After that, I gave up for a while.

The big reveal on Easter morning


Understandably, Belle was more interested in hunting for candy-filled eggs.

Now, please don’t be judgy, but I decided that I would force her to put the helmet on, just to see what would happen, and…

It didn’t work out so well (the band-aid is from an unrelated incident)

Now, the whole point of this post is this. After making a scene that could be heard throughout the neighborhood, we went inside for supper. After that, Belle asked if we could go out to play on her slide in the backyard. I said no because it was bath time. Then she said: “I want to go on my tricylce and wear my helmet.” As if I was going to say no. So, out we went and this is what happened.


She did it! All she needed was to do it on her own terms and in her own time. Slowly but surely, I’m understanding this.
Then, in true Belle fashion, after spending enough time for me to get a photo, she jumped off the tricycle and b-lined it straight for the slide!
“I got you Mummy”

Lesson learned, lesson learned.



One thought on “All in her own time

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