Artist Spotlight: Lizardo Carvajal

         Today, I bring you Lizardo Carvajal, a very talented artist, writer and all around creative mind. Lizardo is originally from Colombia and has recently immigrated to Canada to live with his wife and baby. He is currently working toward a goal of publishing his third book, which is a children’s piece called “The Bird of a Thousand Songs.” On his website, found here, Lizardo gives a glimpse into the creative process that goes into illustrating his “Birds of a Thousand Songs.” It is inspiring to see the world through his eyes. He finds beauty in everything around him, especially places that might otherwise be overlooked. Through his website, he has set up an “adoption” program so you can have a bird of your very own. It even comes with a birth certificate! Take a look at this video and his website .

Here are a few birds that are now living comfortably in my house.

Lady Bird

Bird of Colors

trumpet Bird

Have a great weekend!


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