Things I Heart Thursday

As I mentioned in my last post here, I am really gearing up for baby, but I am trying to remember to relax and take time for myself. In the midst of my frantic errand-running session, I did get a few little treats for myself and for the baby. So, here is what I am loving this week.

1) A pacifier found at my new favorite baby shop, Ana Banana (more info to come about them). It’s made with natural rubber and is all one piece, which I love. Check out the company’s website here

Photo via

2) Belle’s new favorite book, Roslyn Rutabaga and the Biggest Hole on Earth. We just saw the author at a Literacy Festival last weekend!

Photo via Amazon

3) Rose toner, from a Canadian company, Anointment Natural Skin Care (Sorry the pic isn’t so good). I mainly love it as a spray for my face. The rose scent is super calming

Photo via

4) This crib bedding from Etsy, found here . The nursery has been painted gray (thanks to my mum and sister) so now I’m looking for navy and orange accessories to brighten it up!

Photo via

5) My bright new shoes, solely bought because my feet keep getting bigger! Every girl needs a little neon in her life.

Photo via Old Navy

I hope you’ve taken time for yourself this week!



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