Getting Ready

37 weeks and growing!

It’s funny, I realize that there is a baby coming shortly (I’m 37 weeks along), but somehow it only dawned on me a couple of days ago just how soon the main event is going to be happening. It all started when I got home from work and started to get cramps. Now, I remember what contractions feel like…pretty hard to forget, so I figured they were just Braxton Hicks. However, something went off in my head that said: “Get ready lady!” and sent me flying (slowly) upstairs to pack my hospital bag so that I’ll be ready at a moment’s notice.

Too much?

After shoving a bunch of stuff into a suitcase, I felt better, but I didn’t feel completely settled without a “to do” list, so in true Vanessa fashion, I got up in the middle of the night and started writing a list of everything I should try to get done. I got the following list from Babyzone. I just picked out what I think I need to remember at this point.

1) Prepare for labor and delivery. Practice relaxation and breathing techniques.

2) Get some new music and remember my birth companion CD. I’m a fan of this one:

Earth Mama * Angel Baby Natural Labor Companion. Check out their great website here

3) Prepare for the weeks after giving birth. Cook and freeze meals, stock up on food staples, bathroom supplies, etc.

4) Finalize birth plan and go over it with doctor. I found a great template here.

5) Prepare big sister gift for Belle. Thanks to my Mother-in-law, I’ve got a whole stock of toys ready to go

6) Relax and enjoy the last days before delivery!

If anyone needs me, I’ll be at the spa getting a pedicure and prenatal massage.



3 thoughts on “Getting Ready

  1. You sound busy, so many things to prepare before the big day! I hope you have some time to get some rest!
    Best of luck!


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