New baby`s room…Under construction

I`m counting the weeks. Three more to go until I`m on maternity leave and five until my due date. I`ve been getting some things ready for the baby, such as clothes and cloth diapers. That`s it. The nursery on the other hand, not so much. It has been a challenge in decision making as far as wall and accent colors go. The room was already yellow from when we it was Belle`s nursery, but I`m thinking I`d like to have it painted a different color. Decisions, decisions.

Here`s the work in progress. Ideas and suggestions are most welcome!

A room in need of a makeover
This is the starting point. My wonderful mum just finished making this quilt for the bed. I love the combination of fabrics and the color.

Alpaca rug from Chile
Prints that were in Hubby`s room when he was a baby
A crib in need of…something
A thrift store table in need of a new paint color and stool in need of reupholstering and painting

So, this is where I am right now in the decorating process. I`m thinking more and more that I want the wall to be a soft grey with red and blue accents colors throughout the room. We`ll see. Now, to break it to Hubby that he will be the one painting…



5 thoughts on “New baby`s room…Under construction

  1. I LOVE that Alpaca rug! I was actually thinking a soft gray for the walls while I was looking at your pictures. We painted our son's wall beige (in Behr paint) and I think that would look good in your room too. I was looking for pictures of my son's room on my blog to give you an example of the color and realized I didn't have any so I just made a new post with pics (I mentioned you, I hope that was okay).

    Jess from A Winding Road


  2. That awesome twin bedding screams CAMPING to me, but maybe that's because I have a camping themed family photo shoot on my brain. I'm so jealous you have an actual room to work with; Gabe's nursery is a nook in our bedroom. Have fun with the transformation! I can't wait to see the big reveal.


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