Happy Weekend!

I am SO happy that the long weekend is here. I`m trying not to, but I must admit that I am counting the weeks until I go on maternity leave. I don`t want to wish away time though because I started to get a few contractions this week, which brought me back to reality and had me talking to the baby, trying to convince him that it`s much better in my belly and it`s not time to come out yet. Yes, I`m definitely losing my mind!

To get my mind off all of this, here is what I`ve been checking out and looking forward to this week.

Greek Yogourt Pops: Can`t wait to make these!
photo via Pinterest

Want to catch up on my latest read
Belle`s Easter present

DVF for Gap Kids
(Can`t wait to get my hands on these!)

Happy Easter and have a great weekend!

7 thoughts on “Happy Weekend!

  1. Coming by to support a new blogger!
    Here are my blogs in case you are interested –

    Loves 2 Read (family friendly) – lovez2read.blogspot.com

    B'Tween Prose (YA) – btweenprose.blogspot.com

    Faerotic Prose (adult) – faeroticprose.blogspot.com

    cute header! did you make it yourself?


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