My Third Spot

What a week! Report cards are done, the kids have taken them home, and I have one night of parent-teacher conferences down with one afternoon to go. Now I`m just crossing my fingers that I caught all the spelling mistakes in those dang report card comments!

When I have one of “those weeks”, I like to have some Vanessa time in the place I like to call my “third spot”. It`s the place where you find yourself going to when you`re not at work or home, and you just want to go someplace where you can relax without a care in the world. For those who know me well, they know that my third spot is a bookstore, actually, a bookstore/café combo. I don`t know what it is, but after having a hard day, there`s just something about walking around with a ridiculously overpriced coffee and browsing through those colourful books and glossy magazines that just makes everything ok. My level headed side tells me that they have set it up that way for a reason, yet the rest of me says “Who cares!” My sister-in-law makes fun of me because I once allegedly said I like to go to the bookstore to “center” myself. I don’t recall ever saying this…and I’m stickin’ to my guns on that one.
This week, I found myself in my “third spot” and wound up in the crafting\sewing book section. I saw this book, One Yard Wonders and it is now on my must-have list. The book has tons of great sewing projects, even for rookies like me. The authors also have a Facebook page. Check it out here. I’ve decided that my goal during maternity leave will be to improve my sewing skills and start making things for Belle and Baby.
Do you have a third spot, and if so, where is that spot?

What else do you like to do after you’ve had a bad day/week?



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