My name is Vanessa and I have a Pinterest problem

There it is. I`ve said it, I`m addicted! I find myself scanning through the pages of those colourful little boxes with lovely pictures of things that I could potentially do, wear, eat, drink, cook, paint, craft, etc. Now, here`s the problem. I haven`t actually done anything with it yet. I just keep adding to my boards. I am envious of those people out there who have actually taken the initiative to try out a project based on what they have pinned.

Oh, don`t worry, there are lots of ideas brewing, but I just have to take the leap from “talking about” to “doing.”

With Easter coming up, I’ve been pinning lots of craft projects and fun kiddo stuff to do with Belle. Here’s a little snackeroo to give you an idea. I know a couple isn`t much, but I have to start slow…Baby steps people, baby steps!:

Easter Peep Sushi
Glitter Easter Eggs
For Easter Morning
Happy Pinning to you!



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