It happened…I became one of those mums

Does this kid look impressed or what!?

This weekend, we ventured on a little road trip about three hours away from home and let us just say that the drive was not the most pleasant. I brought everything under the sun to keep Belle busy; snacks, books, coloring stuff, music…You name it, I had it! But no, it was just one of those days where she did not want to be in the car. The above pic is just a glimpse as to what a “great” mood she was in. I’ll just say that there was no way I was getting a pic of her in the car without losing a limb! So, as we arrived at our destination, and after some deliberation, we caved and did it. We bought a portable DVD player for the car with the anticipation that our drive back would be equally “enjoyable.” Now, please don’t get me wrong. I mean no disrespect toward those busy mamas out there, but I guess it has just really set in that I was such a hypocrite before I became a mum, saying things like “I will never do that when I have kids” or “I will never let my kids eat this or watch that.” Fat chance lady. When a little something called desperation sets it, I find myself doing things like bribing with candy, keeping her busy by turning on cartoons when I’m too tired to entertain her. I could go on! However, thank goodness I have hubby to bring me back down to earth and reassure me that we’re not ruining our child and she is very well-rounded, well, as well-rounded as a two year old needs to be. One day, I will learn to be less of a perfectionist. Just wait until my second babe comes along in about two and a half months. That’s when reality will really set in!



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