The big question is…

How does one find the motivation to exercise?

Here’s the scenario. You’ve had a long day at work. You pick up your kid(s) from daycare, school, etc. and now it’s time to get dinner ready, clean up the house from the disaster caused by the morning rush and entertain your toddler??? I can only say from experience that exercising is definitely at the bottom of my list of priorities at this point in the day.

I ask this question because I seem to have lost my way in the fitness department since becoming a teacher, getting married and starting a family, and I know I’m not the only one in this boat. The only motivation I can seem to scrounge up is my need to fit into a bridesmaid’s dress about seven, count them SEVEN weeks after having a baby. I have grand plans of how I’m going to go from occasionally popping in my prenatal workout DVD and going for a “once in a blue moon” walk to a regimen of full on P90X and running, but I ask myself if I am even convinced that I will find the motivation to do this.

Someone please answer me this question because I could certainly use some words of wisdom! Thoughts, comments, etc. Please!

In the meantime, here are a few pictures that scream MOTIVATION to me (taken from trusty Pinterest). Maybe they`re telling me to get up and start doing my yoga…



3 thoughts on “The big question is…

  1. Vanessa, when I was teaching the only way I was able to fit in a workout was to do it in the morning, before the day began. It meant getting up at 5am, but at least then it was done and out of the way. As the day progressed I found it was harder and harder to motivate myself, especially when I was tired after work and dealing with a toddler.

    Thanks for the follow and kind words, btw!


  2. Hey girl! I know I don't have a child so maybe my advice doesn't count 🙂 but here are some things that helped me this year.
    Sign up for an event of some sort.
    Pay for a class or gym membership, join a club (I always think I'm wasting money if I don't go).
    Record your workouts! This is the MOST motivating for me. I am a huge nerd but I LOVE looking back on my month and seeing how many days I worked out and how many km I logged.
    Too bad we didn't live closer and I could workout with you and drag your butt out!!
    Good Luck! It's hard but you can do it.


  3. Excellent advice! Thank you. I will definitely consider all these things. I'm thinking of joining a yoga studio. As you say Olivia, if you pay for it, you feel like you have to go.

    Thanks again!


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