The Hypoallergenic Diet Recipe Catastrophe

Have you ever done a cleanse or followed a very specific diet plan? It isn’t an easy task, but so worth it in the end. We`re in the midst of a three week hypoallergenic diet. We`re doing this because Belle has eczema, is often congested and has really dark circles under her eyes all the time. Hubby also tells me that I`m crazy when I have sugar or caffeine, so this diet is for me. I think I`ll stick to saying it`s for Belle though. My sister who is studying to be a Naturopathic Doctor suggested the Hypoallergenic Diet, also know as the Elimination Diet. Once our three weeks are up, we will begin reintroducing the restricted foods, one at a time. So far, it hasn’t been the easiest thing, but it is getting better. Belle loves her crackers, muffins and bread, so rather than remortgage the house to buy gluten-free crackers, I have been searching for recipes to appease the carb cravings. I`ve tried a couple of recipes and here`s the result of the latest go at it. I thought I was so smart substituting a few things with what I had in the house. Apparently, I forgot that I am not a Food Network Star. Anyway, I won`t even bother showing the recipe.

The Muffin Catastrophe

 Onto the next. I`ve got a better recipe to try out tomorrow.



One thought on “The Hypoallergenic Diet Recipe Catastrophe

  1. These don't look bad! The berries look delicious! Is it the taste that wasn't so appealing??

    Keep me posted on your recipes. I would love to have some good ones on hand for Joe's dad who has celiacs!



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