The Wedding Cake Project: The Final Product

Hi there! Well, after taking a few days to get things settled and back into routine, having taken on the cake challenge for my sister`s wedding reception/baby celebration/ welcome to Canada party for her husband (from Colombia), I am proud to say that the cake was a success! I was so relieved to hear people comment on how beautiful and delicious the cake was. You know what, I really think I could do this again! Next time, I will definitely give myself more time to make the cake, and make sure I have enough ingredients to bake the whole thing. I really underestimated how much of EVERYTHING I would actually need and made several trips to the store as a result! I even had to enlist my sis to get some extra ingredients on the morning before the party. I also definitely don’t want a repeat of scrambling to decorate a cake while feeding Belle a whole box of crackers to keep her busy. Oh well, I learned from my mistakes….Oh, I almost forgot to mention the party. It was a beautiful day with friends and family at my parents’ house. We sat at tables by the pool decorated with lovely wild flowers picked by my mom and sisters. My sister’s husband gave a beautiful speech which left everyone in tears. It will definitely be a celebration to remember.

So, here is a pic of the final product and a few of the party. I will post the recipe for the cake and the buttercream icing shortly.

Vanessa 🙂


The Final Product

The Guests of Honor Cutting the Cake


Poolside Party


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