Montreal, Montreal

Last weekend, the May long weekend, I went to Montreal with my mum to visit one of my sisters. Hubby was great and stayed home with Belle so I could go have a girls weekend. We shopped, we ate and I even got to sleep in! Wonderful, I tell you. Wonderful.

My mother now thinks that my sister and I are shopaholics, but that`s ok. It was worth it. We spent our first day On Rue St. Denis and found all sorts of really unique boutiques. I found a skirt by Dept, from the Netherlands. I definitely wouldn’t find things like this at home, so I was very happy about my purchase.

Click to zoom in on Skirt Dept. flow pof
Two color flow balloon skirt

We spent the next two days eating great food and shopping. We even found a restaurant with the same name as “God’s Country,” also known as Cocagne, NB

sis and mum in front of “Cocagne”
Old Montreal

Definitely regret that I didn’t stop here!

 On our last day, we were flying back home late in the evening, so we decided to go see “Water for Elephants.” I must say it is one the of the best movies I have seen in a long time. Check out the preview below.

I had a wonderful trip, but I was glad to get home to Belle and Hubby.
Vanessa 🙂

One thought on “Montreal, Montreal

  1. Looks like such a fun time! I am dying to see Water for Elephants….I need to book a date night for Breck and I!

    Love your new blog…..I'll be reading along!


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